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May 22, 2021

Newborn with sibling
Newborn with sibling

The first days after bringing your new baby home can be exhausting, exciting, chaotic, or all of the above!

I remember the wonder of exploring little fingers and toes. I wanted to take it all in. Newborn photography sessions are a great way to capture the moments that your sleep-deprived brain might later forget.

Newborn photography can mean posing your baby in a bucket or capturing images of your baby in his nursery, and it’s crucial to find a photographer that specializes in the style that fits your growing family.

Read on for an explanation of the different styles of newborn photography.

Traditional/Posed Newborn Photography

This style is more about capturing perfect images of your newborn and involves getting your newborn into just the right position for each image.

  • Location-Studio
  • Timing-Typically first two weeks of life
  • Lighting-Studio lighting and flash
  • Props-Images will typically be posed with props such as wraps, hats, and headbands. Newborns will be posed on beanbags, in buckets, and on miniature beds.
  • Interaction-Most images will be of the newborn with a few images of the parents and/or siblings.

In-home Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle images have a more relaxed style. They are less about capturing your newborn in the perfect pose and more about capturing the emotion and connection of your new family.

  • Location-Home
  • Timing-Any time in the first month
  • Lighting-Natural light
  • Props-The photographer may use toys and items around the home. Newborns will be photographed in their crib, on a bed, or the couch.
  • Interaction-Images will have a stronger emphasis on interaction. The newborn will be photographed being snuggled by the parents or siblings.


Traditional and lifestyle newborn photography are two different styles that both capture precious memories of your newest family member. I hope this helps in choosing the style that is right for your family.

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