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Jan 1, 2023

Mom and newborn

Mom and newborn

If you’re thinking about a newborn photography session, it either means that you are expecting or recently added a new addition to your family. Let me first say congratulations!

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting, amazing, awe-inspiring, and exhausting time. My kids are grown now, but I still remember those first few days. Well, actually, those first days are a bit of a blur. But I remember the feeling.

I didn’t have a newborn session with either of my children, and it’s something that I regret. At the time, I thought that that I would remember every detail. The truth is, I don’t. Life gets crazy busy, and little details slip away.

In-home newborn photography session

A newborn session can help capture those first moments, and all the little things you want to remember….those tiny toes, the little button nose, and those squishy cheeks.

So now that you know that you want to capture these moments, what is the best age and when is the best time to schedule your session?

What’s the best age for a newborn session?

In-home newborn photography session

You may see photographers who say that the best age for a newborn session is in the first 10-14 days of life, but I’m not one of them. If you want a posed, studio session, you want the baby to be really sleepy, so the first couple of weeks is best.

My style of newborn photography is called, Lifestyle Newborn Photography. My goal is to capture your baby as naturally as possible. I was a pediatric nurse/nurse practitioner for 21 years and I started my career in the neonatal ICU. So I think the most natural place for a baby is in your arms. I do very little posing, and focus on capturing your little one being held, cuddled, fed, and changed.

In-home newborn photography session

Babies do grow and change very quickly in the first few weeks of life, and while I offer newborn sessions at any age, I recommend scheduling before your little one is 3 months old.

And while the focus of a newborn session is obviously the newborn, I also think that it’s important for mom to feel recovered and ready for a session, and recovery is very different for every mom.

When should you book your lifestyle newborn session?

In-home newborn photography session

Many of my newborn families reach out while they are still expecting. You may wonder how you can schedule a date when the little one hasn’t even arrived. When you schedule, I’ll put your due date down on my calendar. Once baby has arrived, you’ll reach out and we will confirm a date.

But, if baby is already here, don’t worry. I always save dates on my calendar for newborn sessions, so just reach out and I will get you scheduled.

In-home newborn photography session

To me, every newborn is perfect, and the perfect newborn session doesn’t need fancy poses or a specific time frame. I can’t wait to capture your newborn moments.

Leigh Ann – Your Bay Area, CA, Family and Newborn Photographer, serving perfectly imperfect families. And remember, I serve families throughout the Bay Area.

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