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Mar 27, 2021

They grow up so quickly!

Have you ever looked at your kids and thought, how did they grow up so fast? I know that I have. It seems like I blinked and my babies became grown-ups with lives of their own.

parents with baby

When did my toddler suddenly become a little boy? When did my little girl become a beautiful young woman? It seems like only yesterday I was bringing them home from the hospital. Our oldest is now the mother of a beautiful toddler and lives in Italy. Our oldest son is a teacher in Florida. Our youngest son just turned 22 and is finishing his last year of college. And our youngest daughter is also in college. Granted, there were times when they were younger that I couldn’t wait for them to grow up, but now I wish I had a little more time with them.

What I love about photographs is that they freeze time so that I can look back and remember moments that I thought I’d forgotten. But the photos that mean the most to me, aren’t the ones where we are all smiling and looking at the camera. Those are nice, but they don’t represent what our family looked like, and they really don’t evoke those sweet memories. The photos that I love the most, show my kids just as they really were. All those silly toddler faces, the sweet moments of childhood, and even those teenage glares! I want to remember them all.

Infant with parents

When you remember your kids when they were younger, are you going to remember them all buttoned up, saying cheese for the camera? Or are you going to remember dirty hands and faces, skinned knees and messy hair? Those are the moments that I treasure and those are the moments that I love to capture.

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