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May 15, 2023

Outdoor family photography session

Outdoor family photography session

Recently I posted a blog about why it’s often hard for women, especially moms, to love their bodies and want to be photographed. Read on to learn why it matters that moms get in the picture.

Why our attitude about our bodies matters to our children

Just like I learned to dislike my freckles at an early age, kids learn to dislike their bodies. As moms, we want what is best for our kids, but we may not realize that we are passing on our feelings to them. Every time our children, especially our daughters, hear us say something disparaging about our bodies, every time they see our disappointment when we look in the mirror, every time they see our judgment about our bodies, they are taking it all in. We are teaching them how to feel about their bodies without ever saying a word.

In a Scary Mommy article, Cameron Reeve Poynter sums it up beautifully: “If I dismiss the beauty they see in me with their young eyes, they will stop seeing it. If I wrinkle my nose distastefully at my imperfections, they will start to do the same. And those imperfections will become the first thing they see in me…..and in others.”

Outdoor family photography session

We owe it to our children to teach them not to look at our bodies for the things we don’t like but to look at our bodies for the amazing things they do.

My body has carried and fed two amazing children. And recently, this body, curves and all, allowed me to hike down into the Grand Canyon and through the Narrows at Zion.

Outdoor family photography session

Why moms need to be in the picture

Take a quick look at the photos on your phone from the last year. I bet there are many photos of your children, your pets, and your partner. What I bet is missing are the photos of you, of you and your children. When you look back at family photos from when you were a child, is your mom there? If she’s not in the photos, I bet she was there, in the background, taking the photos and organizing everything.

Outdoor family photography session

Documentary photographer Robert Frank said, “Things move on, time passes, people go away, and sometimes they don’t come back.” One day, only your photographs will remain. Your role as a mom deserves to be documented and will be a legacy for your children. What photographic legacy do you want to leave for them?

Think about how many hours your children spend in your arms. The hours spent reading stories, having the tangles brushed out of their hair, or just being cuddled in your embrace. And now, imagine when they look back at the photos of their life and see no tangible proof that those moments existed.

I want my children to look back at photos of us together and see my love for them, me holding them tight, my hands on their faces, holding their hands. And I want the same for your children.

Outdoor family photography session

So as Nike says, “Just do it!” Schedule a family photography session. Will your hair be perfect? Will you still think you’re too curvy? Maybe. Will your kids care? Probably not. And when you look back at those photos in 30 years, you won’t remember that you needed a haircut or wanted to lose ten pounds. You’ll remember the laughter and how great it was to hold your little ones close. I promise. And I’m here when you’re ready.

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