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Apr 2, 2020

So, you’ve decided that you want to have family photos. Or maybe you’re expecting and want maternity or newborn photos. There are many photographers to choose from. But choosing a photographer is not the only choice you have to make. What style of photography speaks to you? What do you want to capture with this session? When choosing a photographer to capture your family’s special moments, it is important to know the difference between traditional, lifestyle and documentary photography so you can choose the photographer that is right for you.

Traditional photography

Traditional photography is posed. These are usually the images that we grew up with and that we are so familiar with. You know, on the count of three, everyone look at the camera and say “cheese”. This style of photography is more formal.

Documentary photography

Documentary photography is not posed at all. Images capture the real, straight-forward glimpse into someone’s life. Think of birth photography. In these images, no one is looking at the camera and often no one is smiling.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography sits comfortably in between traditional and documentary photography. Images capture the essence, emotion, and connection of the subjects being photographed. That doesn’t mean that the subjects aren’t posed. There is still a great deal of posing and direction going on. The photographer directs the scene, but not the emotion that is captured. Tender, sweet moments between loved ones can be frozen in time with lifestyle images.

I love lifestyle photography. During sessions, I help guide you to moments that you will want to remember forever. My sessions are fun and you will remember how you felt when those photographs were taken. I capture the sweet grins of your toddler, the shy smiles of your teen and the love and emotion between family members.

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