Simplifying Your Photography Business with Workflows That Work

Five Emails That Every Family Photographer Must Have

Work Smarter…..Not Harder

A great bit of advice that we’ve all heard but we don’t always follow.

My first year in business…..I certainly wasn’t working smarter.  And let me tell you, working harder isn’t fun.

I’ll say it again……working harder isn’t fun.

Taking photographs, now that’s fun! And that’s why we all became photographers.

Let me show you how

Did you know that 60% of photography businesses fail in the first year?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you didn’t become a business owner only to fail within 12 months.

The reasons that a business might not succeed are multi-faceted, but I believe that developing smart workflows and systems increases the chances that your business will succeed.

What Are Workflows and Systems

Simply put, a workflow is a series of steps needed to complete a task. A system is the framework within which the workflow function.

You probably already have a workflow in place for your sessions, even if you don’t call it a workflow. Your workflow consists of the steps you take before, during, and after each session.

But the need for an efficient workflow starts the moment you are contacted by a potential client.

One critical component of your workflow is  email templates.

Five Email Templates Every Family Photographer Must Have


Inquiry Email

Your first email should be sent to every lead as soon as possible. What do I mean by, as soon as possible? Well, research shows that the faster you respond to a lead, the more likely you are to convert them into a client. In fact, responding after 5 minutes decreases your chances of converting the lead by 80%.

This email sets the tone for your relationship with the client. This is your first opportunity to educate your client; an educated client is a satisfied client.

You help ensure that the family’s vision of a session matches your photography style by including links to your website, portfolio, and blog posts.

My initial email looks something like this….

Hi _____, Thanks so much for your interest. I’m a photographer, but I’m also a mom, and helping other moms (and dads) capture important moments in their lives is what I do! My style is laid-back and fun. My goal is to capture your family exactly as you are during this phase of life. No fancy poses, no fancy wardrobe, just your family doing what you love. Below is a link to my calendar where you can choose a date and time.

I have a separate email template for each type of session I offer; Newborn, Family, and Day in the Life.


Thanks for Booking Email

As soon as I receive a signed contract and retainer from the client, an automated email goes out confirming their session’s date, time, and location (if chosen upfront). They are provided with a username, a link to their client portal, and instructions on creating a password.

I created a client lounge on my website, and I direct them to the client lounge where families will find answers to FAQs, style and location guidance, and a step-by-step guide to what to expect going forward. I also include a product guide so that they start to see the options available in their gallery store.

Directing them back to my website improves my SEO and continues to ensure that at every touchpoint, the client sees my style and understands what to expect from a session.

My goal is to educate families with every communication we have during the entire process, from booking to choosing products in their galleries.


Getting to Know You Email and Questionnaire

Every family is unique and I want to capture that uniqueness and give them an experience that is tailored to them.

The more that I know about a family before the session, the better equipped I am to create a memorable experience from start to finish.

My goal is to have a legacy business; I want families to come back year after year, so it’s important that I get to know them.

Immediately after the previous email, I send an email with a questionnaire that covers everything from who will be included in the session to what a typical day looks like for the family.


Day After Session Email

Educating my family clients doesn’t end when the session is over. When you’ve had a great session, the last thing you want to do is leave them wondering what’s next.

24 hours after the session, I send an email thanking them and detailing exactly what the next steps are. This isn’t new information for them; they’ve already seen it in the client lounge, but educating every step of the way improves satisfaction.

I include information on when to expect their gallery link, a video on how to navigate their gallery, and another link back to my product guide so that they can start envisioning their images as art.


Thank You Email with Follow-up Questionnaire

I feel honored whenever a family allows me to share their moments and capture memories for them, and I think it’s important to convey that to my clients. One month after every session, I send an email once again saying thanks and asking for feedback and a review.

It’s important that it is easy for your clients to leave a review. How often have you had great service but haven’t left a review because it was too difficult? I’m definitely guilty of that. I give easy instructions for each platform, Yelp, Facebook, and Google. (Of note, some platforms will penalize you for a review that comes through a link. Yelp’s algorithm is designed to weed out such reviews.)

I also include another questionnaire asking about their experience from start to finish and ways that I can improve. I find this information invaluable.

Now’s the time to get back to doing what you love……taking amazing photos!

I hope this was helpful and hope to see you in my upcoming course.

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Thank You!

I’m on a mission to teach new photographers the workflows and systems they need to get back to doing what they love……taking photos!

I hope you found this helpful. Stay in touch, and keep me posted on your journey.