Preparing for your family session

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      If you have never worked with a professional photographer before, it may be difficult to know what to expect.  Will the kids cooperate? What should I bring? Will we get the perfect shot?  I’m here to make sure your session is fun and stress-free.

      Each session is as unique as your family.  During our initial consultation and through a simple questionnaire that I will have your answer, I can learn more about your family and customize your session, just for you!


      Preparing for your session

      Now that your session is booked, here are tips & tricks to make your session stress-free.

      Choosing what to wear

      Several weeks before your session start thinking about what you will wear. What vibe do you want your images to have? Is your family more formal or more relaxed? A good place to start is my Style Guide. You will find many color palettes to choose from.

      Lay your outfits out on the bed and look for items that don’t work.  Be sure to include shoes, jewelry, or other accessories that you may wear.

      Remember, you don’t need to match! You simply want to coordinate your outfit so that everyone’s individual style still shines through.

      Make sure that your outfits are ready the night before so you don’t feel rushed on session day.

      But what about the kids?

      Let’s face it, your session is likely to revolve around the kids!

      What do I mean by this?  Little ones are unpredictable, so it’s impossible to plan for everything.  We may need to pause for diaper changes or snacks.  That’s okay!  Your little ones aren’t going to be smiling in every photo, instead, I focus on capturing their personality.

      Tips for making sure your kids are at their best

      • Allow time at the beginning of the session for the kids to warm up.
      • Make sure there are no hungry tummies.
      • Plan sessions around nap time so little ones will be rested.
      • Let them help pick out an outfit.  They will be more comfortable.  Don’t worry if they choose something awful, we can do a few shots and then have a wardrobe change!
      • Have a bribe/reward for after the session.  Just make sure not to bring it out before the end of the session.
      • The best way to ensure that your kids are at their best is to just relax and have fun.

      What to bring to your session

      Being prepared will help take the stress out!

      • Bring a brush or comb for windy days.
      • Don’t forget chapstick or lip gloss.  Dry lips aren’t easy to Photoshop out!
      • Bring makeup for last-minute touch-ups.
      • Make sure to pack a reward for the little ones.
      • Extra diapers, bottles, a pacifier, and a favorite toy are a must for babies.
      • Bring snacks. In all seriousness, children (and adults) can become fidgety and restless. A few tasty treats are jellybeans, cheese and crackers, Goldfish, dried fruit, and gummy bears. I don’t recomment messy foods such as chocolate or ice cream!
      • Bring a water bottle or sippy cup.
      • Have a few outfits to bring. You never know when someone will fall in the mud or grass and create a bad stain.
      • Let your little one bring their favorite toy. Just know that it may appear in some of the images.
      family in park


      Session day is here!

      Your big day is finally here! We will meet at the agreed upon location and time. 

      Sessions usually last 1-2 hours and there’s no need to rush.  It usually takes at least 30 minutes for us to get acquainted and comfortable with each other, especially if there are little ones.

      Expect to laugh, dance, and have a fun-filled family outing!

      Don’t worry if the kids are wild and crazy.  I aim to capture your family, crazy kids, and all! I want you to look back at our time together and remember what a great time you had as a family.

      Have peace of mind knowing you hired a professional and are in good hands.

      Siblings hugging

      “Families are the compass that guides us.  They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.”