Leigh Ann Pincus Education

Do you love photography, but don’t know how to turn your love into a business?

Are you spending too much time managing your business and not enough time actually taking photos?

You’re in the right place! I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned and the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

I’ve got to be honest with you. When I first started out in business, I knew how to take great photos, and I thought that was all there was to starting a successful photography business.

Boy, was I wrong! It turns out you need to know a lot about, well,  running a business.

I made all the typical mistakes….I rushed out, bought the latest gear and gadgets, and signed up for courses I never took. I struggled with how to attract clients, and my workflow…well, it was non-existent. But the biggest mistake I made was not figuring out what type of photography really spoke to my heart.

After the first year, I was puzzled. Photography was my passion, but I didn’t feel like I was succeeding as a photographer. I wasn’t happy, and when I really looked at the reason for my unhappiness, it wasn’t the actual photography that was the issue; it was all the business stuff that, quite frankly, I sucked at! 

Computer and camera

It seems that I wasn’t alone; 60% of photography businesses fail in the first year!

I didn’t want to be one of the 60%. You see, I’ve been taking photos since I was a teenager. But I never dreamed that I could be a successful photographer. So I was determined not to fail. That’s when I really dove in and started to do the hard work. I worked with an amazing mentor, and created email templates and workflows that actually worked.

Once those were in place, I could enjoy my passion again. And I think I became an even better photographer in the process.

So now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned along the way…..the things I’ve done right and the things that didn’t work so well.