Choosing a Location That’s Right for You

Oct 22, 2020

family in park

Tips for choosing the right location for your session

“What’s the best location for my next lifestyle session?”  That’s the question that I hear the most after, “What should I wear?”. Maybe you don’t think the location matters. After all, the session is about you and your family, right? Well, I’m here to tell you, the right location for your session is a crucial part of your session.  The surrounding area sets the tone for your session and is the backdrop of your precious memories.

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What is the look and feel, or the vibe, that you are going for?

If you are imaging light and airy images, a session in the middle of the redwoods is probably not going to give you that feel. A beach session might be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want your images to be more edgy or moody, how about an urban session downtown?

Does the location speak to you?

Choosing a location that has a special meaning will add meaning and emotion to your session. The spot where your sweetie proposed will bring back fond memories. Your family’s favorite park is a great location where the kids will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Consider what your family likes to do.

Lifestyle sessions are all about capturing the spirit and essence of your family. Choose a location that represents you. If your family loves playing board games, an in-home game session will tell your story better than a generic session at the park. Does your family like to hike? I’ll put on my hiking shoes and take photos on your favorite hiking trail.

Consider the logistics

Do you have little ones? You might want to choose a location with restrooms nearby. How close is parking? You don’t want to be carrying little ones or pushing a stroller for several blocks. Will the location be crowded? If you are camera shy in front of others, choosing a location that is less crowded will likely be more comfortable.

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Still have questions? I’ve taken all the guesswork out of choosing a location. I’ve put together a guide with all of my favorite locations. Interested, check it out here!


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