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Jan 16, 2021

Having been a pediatric nurse practitioner for more than 15 years before turning to photography full time, it’s safe to say that I love kids, babies especially. So it’s no surprise that newborn sessions are some of my favorite. And I love newborn sessions with siblings. So when the N. family inquired about a newborn photography session, I was in! I knew it was going to be fun seeing their 4-year-old with his new baby brother! But I never could have guessed how sweet they’d be in person! What is most extraordinary about this family, though, is undeniably the love they have for each other!

Infant with family

What an adorable crew they make! It’s obvious that the parents are still so into each other, and it’s evident in everyΒ sweet look they give each other. I couldn’t help but smile. And the little ones! TheyΒ were pure sugar! Some siblings don’t want anything to do with a new sibling at first, but that wasn’t the case here. I loved how the older brother had his own camera and he took photos of his baby brother right alongside me! As you can see from even just a quick glance through their photos, genuine connection, love, and joy are the qualities that turn beautiful newborn photos into the kind that take your breath away! Those sincere moments of connection are the ones families like the N. family will treasure for decades.

Newborn with family

As an Oakland lifestyle photographer, my number one goal is to infuse every gallery with the unique personality of the family in front of my lens! I noticed right away that the N. family was especially fun and loving, so I made it my mission to capture that in photos! They had fun laughing and playing and mom Jenny described it like this. “My oldest son got really excited and really into the session. Also, I liked the fact that we were taking photos without feeling like we were taking photos. It sort of felt like we were just lounging around – it felt very natural and easy-going.”

Newborn with family

It’s also so important to me that newborn photos this amazing don’t just hide away on your computer hard drive forever. I encourage all my clients to invest in displays for their images, whether that be through an heirloom album to pass around on holidays or a gallery wall full of prints. And if you ever need a hand designing or creating your displays, I’m always thrilled to help! I had such a blast telling the N. family story with my camera, and I hope to hang out with them again soon!

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