Hi. I’m Leigh Ann

a few things you need to know about me

Capturing authentic moments means the world to me

Photographing families lets me continue to work with my favorite people group: kids. It’s always been kids for me. I love being around them, watching them think and create and be so curious about the world. I wish I could put into words how they make me feel, but I don’t think I need to. You see the world through your kids’ eyes—no judgement, no pretense, just authentic observations and raw emotions.

It’s what makes me passionate about this: I want to help you remember them exactly as they are right now.

I won’t give you posed, stiff, formal images. I want to capture you living your real life and give you images that represent real, authentic moments that will take you right back every time you look at them.

But family is my world

I remember those years with little babies….like it was yesterday.

But it wasn’t yesterday. My daughter is now 34-years-old and has a daughter of her own. That’s right, I’m a grandma! But being around kids takes me right back …

At 21, I was freshly single with a 2-year-old daughter. I went to school to become a pediatric nurse to support us. I worked in the NICU, loving on babies and quite literally nursing them into life.

My life was crazy busy with school and work and I wasn’t thinking about documenting all that was happening. I didn’t realize that one day, my daughter might want to see the snapshots of who she was along the way. It’s why I do this now. All I want is to give you what I don’t have: tangible memories that show how connected you are in this season.

The years passed and I went on to get a master’s degree and became a Nurse Practitioner. I had a son and now have 4 wonderful children in our blended family. I’ve accomplished a lot that I’m proud of, but this journey into photography might be my favorite path yet.

From young mom…to nurse…to photographer…to Grandma!


Toddler girl

“Normally I’m the one taking photos of everything. Sometimes we get busy and forget though. With Leigh Ann, I get to be present for the moments with my son and really experience the adventure and journey of it through seeing the moments she captures. I love that her photos trigger memories and feelings. My son will get to experience them for the rest of his life.”-Tien

I believe that…


but a photograph lasts a lifetime.


deserves to have their memories preserved for the next generation.