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Feb 8, 2021

I can’t believe it, but here we are in week #6. Several weeks ago I joked that I wasn’t likely to meet many strangers in my home, but guess what? It happened! I met this week’s stranger in my house. 

Stranger #6

Recently we decided to install a whole house generator since we’ve experienced power outages every year during fire season. What an experience that turned out to be! We learned that if it’s not wired correctly, things in your home blow up and don’t work anymore! Oh well, everything is repaired and the generator now works as expected. 

Plumber with tools


I met stranger #6 when he came to install the gas line for the generator. Jimmy showed up with his son, and spent two full days in my basement. At the end of the second day, I explained my project and asked if I could take his photo. He was a little reluctant because he had been working hard, and it showed. But, he agreed and we chatted. 

He was raised in the Bay Area and never left. He’s worked all of his adult life as a plumber and has twin sons that have followed in his footsteps.  He also has a daughter who’s studying to be a nurse.

We didn’t chat long, because after a long day working, Jimmy was anxious to get home to his family.

Thanks, Jimmy, for doing a great job and for being Stranger #6.

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