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Jan 25, 2021

man with donuts

So, 4 weeks in and I have to say, it’s still really hard. I feel like such a nerd, stopping a complete stranger and asking if I can take their photo. You should see some of the looks I get. And not everyone says yes. But that’s okay. I’m thinking maybe in 4-5 months this might be easier. 🙂

Stranger #4

Recently I loaded up my camera and hopped on my bike, all with the goal of talking to and photographing a stranger.

I stopped in Montclair and was looking around hopelessly, when Joe appeared with the cutest dog. It’s a little easier talking to a stranger when dogs are involved.

Joe was on his way to the donut shop with his sister’s dog. Her name is Olive, and she’s a rescue (the dog, not the sister!). She looks to be part chihuahua, and since I have my own little one at home, I’m partial to chihuahuas. He told me that like most of the breed, she’s a little scared and shaky at times, and she likes to bark!

man and dog with donuts

Joe lives over in the city, but comes to Oakland to visit his dad who lives in Montclair. I asked what he did for a living and he told me he’s been working at a dispensary since the pandemic started. He likes it, and his company is growing quickly. He’s lived his whole life in the Bay Area and I shared that we moved from Florida. There was an earthquake this morning just as I was starting my ride, and he laughed when I told him I still get nervous every time there’s an earthquake. I guess I’m not a true Californian yet!


man and dog with donuts

Joe went inside to get donuts and coffee and I stayed outside with Olive. She cried the whole time he was gone. When he came out, he mentioned that he went to school with the owner’s daughter. I forgot to ask what kind of donut he got, but looking at Olive’s face, she definitely wanted a bite.


man and dog with donuts

Thanks Joe, for stopping to chat. And if you see this, drop a line and let me know what type of donuts you got.

Stay tuned next week for Stranger #5.

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