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How are you feeling right now?

Maybe you’re excited to finally check “Book family photos” off your to-do list? Or you’re nervous to reach out? Overwhelmed by this search?

Wherever you are, I see you. This season of life requires a lot of you. I’m applauding you for showing up, for prioritizing your memories, and documenting your “now” when there are so many other things you could be doing. So let’s cut to the chase: I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

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I turn your moments into memories!

Photographs are a direct link to memories for me

Hi, I’m Leigh Ann

and if you’re looking for lifestyle photography in the Bay Area, I can help!

And I was a lot like you when I had my babies. Working all day and mom-ing the rest of the time. It was busy, hectic, and sometimes chaotic. But it was also so unbelievably joyful.

I have a few photos that bring me back to those moments: one of my son pretending to bake “asparagus cookies” in the kitchen. Another of my daughter standing on a chair reminds me how she was constantly climbing on everything. When I look at these photos, I remember how their voices sounded and the weight of their little bodies in my arms. I want that for you!

I want to transport you back to these moments you’re living now, again and again.

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In-home Family Sessions

Step into a place where you can be yourself with the ones you love the most. I offer in-home sessions that capture your beautiful everyday life. Who’s ready to have fun?

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Outdoor Family Sessions

Step outside and be one with nature. Whether it’s strolling along the beach, or having ice-cream at your favorite shop, I offer fun sessions to capture your family’s story.

Dad in grey shirt holding newborn baby boy

In-home Newborn Sessions

Embrace those magical moments at home with your newborn during a relaxed, stress-free session. I guarantee we’ll capture memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

“Normally I’m the one taking photos of everything. Sometimes we get busy and forget though. With Leigh Ann, I get to be present for the moments with my son and really experience the adventure and journey of it through seeing the moments she captures. I love that her photos trigger memories and feelings. My son will get to experience them for the rest of his life.”-Tien

View some of my favorite moments as a Bay Area Photographer

Dad holding newborn

In-home Newborn Photography

Toddler on Dad's lap

In-home and Outdoor Family Photography

“We got so many amazing photos, it’s hard to pick which ones to frame!

I had no idea what to expect when Leigh Ann arrived. She is so charming, positive, passionate, engaged my kids right away, and made us all feel relaxed. You can tell she really loves what she is doing and it shows in the photos.” – Caitlin G.

Capturing your perfectly imperfect family!

Some unsolicited advice…

Don’t let your story go untold!

Bay Area Photography

Can I pull the grandma card here?? I try not to sound (or look) my age whenever possible, but sometimes, when talking about memories and preserving family history, I just can’t help myself. So here is the one spot on this site where you’ll get unsolicited advice: No one is keeping track of your memories for you. Not only are we in charge of building a life we’re proud of, but also creating something to remember it.

I want to help you with that part. So if you’re in Oakland or anywhere in the Bay Area, and you’re ready to capture your family’s story, all you have to do is reach out.

Infant boy making face

 “Leigh Ann makes our awkward-in-front-of-the-camera family very comfortable and her photos are just beautiful. After newborn photos, we rebooked for one year photos and each time have been blown away by the quality and priceless photos she’s taken. It is wonderful to have found ‘our family photographer’!!”

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Theodore Suess Geisel

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