Don’t let your story go untold!

I turn your family’s moments into memories

with love & creativity


Photos that matter

I want you to have photographs that are authentic and emotive…photographs that remind you of the first smile from your new baby, the joy of watching your toddler play, the special look your sweetie gives you. Your family is special and unique and your images will reflect that.


My why!

I fell in love with photography as a teenager. I honestly don’t remember a time when I wasn’t taking photos. This became even more important after I had my first child. I wanted to catch every moment, every smile, every milestone. Today, when I look back at photographs of my children, memories come flooding back. The photograph of my daughter standing on a chair makes me remember how she loved to climb, on everything! The one of my son in a miniature chef’s hat and apron reminds me of when he was 3 and wanted to be a chef. He made up recipes for me, like asparagus cookies! I want you to have photographs of your most precious memories.

Capturing your perfectly imperfect family!


Your story

Heartfelt sessions that tell your story

You won’t find perfectly posed images here. Instead, you will find real families with real stories to tell. That is what lifestyle photography is all about!

Together we will create beautiful images that tell your family’s unique story by showcasing your family’s love and connection.

Let’s Get Started!

I know how busy mom life is and how precious time is to a busy mom. That’s why I do all the hard work for you! I’ll take care of all of the planning that goes into your lifestyle family, maternity, or newborn session.

Booking is as easy as 1-2-3. Just sign your agreement, pay the $175 session fee, and answer a few questions about your family to help me get to know you better. That’s it!

After that, I’ll help every step of the way. I’ll guide you in choosing the perfect location that really showcases your family’s unique personality. You’ll get tips on choosing your wardrobe. Shoot, I’ll even Facetime with you while you go through your closet!

And once your session date arrives, you don’t have to stress or worry that the kids aren’t looking or smiling. Just leave everything to me. I promise that I can get grins and giggles out of the toughest cookies. Warning, your session may even include singing and dancing!

After your session, all of your images will be turned into a beautiful slideshow, and I encourage you to gather everyone around the big screen to watch. Popcorn is optional!

The tough part is actually choosing which images you want. But guess what, I’ve even made that easy. One of my collections includes all of the images from your session, so you don’t even have to choose.

I’ve even made it easy to turn your images into prints, wall art, albums, and more. Every collection comes with a print credit so you can choose prints and products right from your gallery store. Simply choose your products and they will show up at your door!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Theodore Suess Geisel



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